Boy Accidentally Hanged

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A 6-year-old boy is clinging to life after El Paso County Sheriffs officials say his father found him hanged in his bedroom closet Friday afternoon. It happened at a home on the 8000 block of Royal Melbourne Circle in Falcon's Meridian Ranch Neighborhood. According to Investigators, the boy's father sent his son to his room for arguing with his brother. Minutes later, his father went to check on him and found his son hanging by a nylon strap inside his closet. Barely breathing and unconscious, the young boy was taken by helicopter to Memorial Hospital. His father, suffering from chest pain, followed in an ambulance. According to neighbors, the family had just moved into the neighborhood a couple weeks ago. The father had reportedly been watching his 3 kids by himself at the time of the accident. Despite the appearance of an accident, police are still investigating this case.