Columbine Evidence Made Public

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Nearly 1,000 pages of hand-written, hate-filled diary entries and documents from the columbine killers are now available to be viewed by the public. Diary entries, violent drawings, checklists and maps-- the most personal work of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris and the essential blueprint of what would come to violent fruition was released to the public Thursday morning. Donna Taylor, the mother of Columbine shooting victim Mark Taylor says, it's about time.
"I thought man, it took 7 years to get this stuff out, it was ridiculous," said Taylor.
Mark Taylor was the first to receive a bullet from Eric Harris' gun. He says making the documents public is important but does only so much to bring closure.
"How do you heal from it?" Said Taylor. "We're still observing Veteran's Day, we're still observing World War II and that happened 60 years ago."
Also included in the documents, diary entries by Harris' father. He notes warning signs in his son's behavior, bringing Donna Taylor to wonder.
"They might have been able to stop it."
There is still plenty of unreleased evidence including the so-called "basement tapes." The Taylors say they would like to see all of it made public.