Surprise Guest

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You can imagine the surprise when Springs residents have a caiman alligator inside their home.

The story begins when police got called to a house on Woodsorrell Drive. The homeowner claimed the renters living at the house were stealing the appliances before moving out.

When police got inside the home, they say they found marijuana and this fellow… “I didn’t know they had an alligator,” said Marty Mertz, the homeowner.

A three foot caiman alligator that the renters apparently had as a pet. “It's extremely dangerous. This one is quite mean and in his wild state,” Ron Farley with Mountain Aire Reptile Rescue said.

Neighbors watch as the reptile rescue removed the alligator from the home. “He's a little under weight, about three to four pounds,” said Farley.

The homeowner said it’s been a long day, but glad the renters and their beady-eyed pet are both gone.

The alligator is either going to be given to the zoo or a gator farm. Officials said it's not illegal to have a cayman as a pet. Police said the tenants, Sandra and Robert Hatcher now face drug and theft charges.