D.A. Investigates Missing Police Evidence

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11 news learned late Wednesday afternoon that the El Paso County District Attorney's Office is now launching its own investigation into the case of missing evidence at the Colorado Springs Police Department. This is the latest development in a story that seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Twp months ago, Springs Police Chief Luis Velez said thousands of pieces of evidence had been destroyed.

The D.A.’s office says they began their investigation a last Tuesday. They will look into the case and all the people who were involved to determine if any laws were broken by the police department during the improper disposal of evidence.

Just because the D.A.’s office is doing an investigation, they say there shouldn't be an assumption that someone broke the law. They say they are following normal protocol and waited to do an investigation until they received all the pertinent information in the case. Lisa Kirkman with the D.A.’s office said, "We've always been thinking about doing this, but up until now, all the other agencies were doing their investigations. It is not good practice to conduct a simultaneous investigation.” The D.A.’s office says they don't know when their investigation will be complete.

Meanwhile, Thursday is the last day that members of the Police Protective Association can send in a no-confidence vote against Chief Velez. The chief has opted not to talk on camera at this point.