Mason Gulch Reclamation

The Mason Gulch burn area is on its way to recovery, but the U.S. Forest Service says this recovery will take awhile.

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the Mason Gulch Fire. It burned over 11 thousand acres in Pueblo and Custer counties. The forest service is trying to re-grow native grasses and eliminate invasive species. They say vegetation is coming back nicely, but more re-growth is needed to reduce erosion potential.

"Prior to the fire, soil erosion was on the scale of one ton per acre. Now, we're up to maybe about 10 tons per acre of soil movement that could occur." said Paul Crespin of the San Carlos Ranger District.

As for wildlife, the Forest Service says deer are thriving on the new scrub oak, however bear are not. They thrive on the acorns of more mature oak, which aren't back yet.