Fort Carson Soldiers Killed

Helicopter Crash

Three soldiers killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq on Friday, were stationed out of Fort Carson here in Colorado Springs. The soldiers were part of the 571st Air Ambulance Company.

The three soldiers were killed when their Black Hawk helicopter went down north of Baghdad. There were four soldiers on board the helicopter. The fourth was injured.

The Black Hawk was one of two involved in giving medical aid to an Iraqi infant after it had been injured in an explosion. The first helicopter took off safely, with the baby on board. But, the second snagged a wire as it took off, which flipped it over and into the Tigris River.

The only soldier who survived the crash was able to swim to shore, where he was picked-up by the other helicopter.

Lieutenant Colonel Tom Budzyna says the soldier will soon be on his way to Germany for treatment.

The department of defense has not yet released the names of the three soldiers who died or the condition of the fourth.