Conservation Quest

Colorado's drought has made conservation a priority for many people. Today, Colorado Springs Utilities sponsored the second annual "Conservation Quest" to help people discover the best ways they can help conserve.

Utilities officials say, even with all the moisture the state has been getting in recent weeks, we're not officially out of the drought. They say that won't happen until the reservoirs are full again.

Conservation Quest is aimed at helping restore Colorado's water, by teaching people how to save it.

The event helped teach residents, not only about water conservation, but about ways to conserve all of our valuable resources. There were demonstrations on wind power and cleaning up waste.

There were awards for innovative projects as well as the opportunity for businesses to sell their energy and water conserving products. One interesting item, a dual fluch toilet, has one flush for liquid waste, and another for solid. The use of the two different flushes will save about 80% on a residential water bill from normal household consumption.

People who attended the Conservation Quest say, they picked up a lot of valuable information that they're looking forward to applying to their homes.

If you would like some tips on saving water, and some landscaping ideas, you can go to the Xeriscape Garden. It's located on Mesa Road.