Aron Ralston Out of Hospital


The Colorado climber who amputated his own arm after he was pinned by a boulder is out of the hospital today.

Doctors released 27 year old Aron Ralston fro St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction early Saturday. A Ralston family spokesman says his parents were happy to get him out of the hospital. He is said to be in good spirits.

Ralston gained instant fame after he walked out of a remote canyon in Canyonlands National Park in southeast Utah May 1st. He was climbing alone when an 800 pound boulder rolled on his right arm and pinned him. Ralston was forced to break his own bones and cut the rest of his arm with a pocket knife to free himself, and save his life.

Ralston talked to the media Thursday but has said he doesn't plan more interviews. A family spokesman says the Aspen resident has a lot of decisions to make about his recovery.