Fireworks Launching Preparation

The men and women behind tonight's fireworks at Memorial Park began preparations at seven o'clock this morning. The eight professionals with Fireworks Extraordinaire say it's a tougher job than you might think. They're at the park until one o'clock in the morning.

Eighteen hundred pounds of fireworks stacked their trailer when they started at seven this morning. Each firework is launched using electric ignitors and fuses. Now, they're getting ready to launch their hard work. "Just to see the expression on the crowd when you have a really good show... It brings me a lot of joy to make people happy," said crew member Taz O'Donnel.

Each individual firework is launched electronically from a device that looks like a fuse box. "Turn the key, turn it on, press the switch and it fires whatever cue you want," said Seth Charbonneau, head crew member.

After launching the display, it will take several hours to clean-up.
The crew says they'll be out here again tomorrow morning cleaning up all the duds.