Amputee Climber

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An Aspen man says the immediate damage done to his arm when a boulder fell on him made the limb unrecoverable.

Twenty-seven-year-old Aron Ralston spoke to the media for the first time this afternoon in Grand Junction. He had removed his arm below the elbow one week ago today.

Ralston says doctors have told him the 800-pound boulder that trapped him while he was climbing did so much damage to his arm when it first fell that his arm could not have been saved anyway.

The boulder shifted from its position while Ralston was climbing in a Utah canyon between 2:45 and three o'clock last Saturday afternoon.

Ralston says he spent some time trying to throw the weight of his body against the boulder to see if he could move it, but realized it wouldn't work and had to calm himself down.

He says he came to peace with death but prayed for strength to survive.