Marines-Iraq Shooting

A lawyer for a sailor charged in the death of an Iraqi man calls the allegations "shocking" and says his client is innocent.

The sailor and seven Marines are charged with pulling a man from his home and murdering him while troops hunted for insurgents.

If convicted the eight could get the death penalty.

Military prosecutors say the eight pulled the man from his home, forced him into a hole and shot him while they were hunting insurgents.

The charging document was provided to The Associated Press by defense attorney Jane Siegel.

The eight men are being held at Camp Pendleton, California, charged with premeditated murder, kidnapping and conspiracy.

The charging document says the troops were in a hideout watching an intersection for insurgents.

None showed up.

The document says the men then took Hashim Ibrahim Awad from his home and shot him to death in the hole.

The document says they left an assault rifle and a shovel to give the impression Awad had been planting bombs.

Siegel is accusing the military of attempting to turn the case into a media circus.