Wrights Fire in Teller County

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100 acres are burning as of Tuesday night and the fire is 25% contained. The fire is just six miles northwest of Cripple Creek outside of Wrights Reservoir. Three homes so far have been evacuated and 400 hundred other residents are under standby within a five mile radius of Wrights Reservoir.

Watching the fire through binoculars, Steven King prays the fire doesn't spread to his land. “I drove up from Colorado Springs at 4:30am and will be here until the firefighters leave.” King is among the dozens camped out on the side of the road. Most live just a few miles away and watched the fire with knots in their stomachs. “I love this country (land), as long as it's not smoking,” Bob Coss said, a resident in a nearby subdivision.

All day about 8 aircrafts dropped thousands of gallons of water and retardant trying to protect nearby homes that had to be evacuated. Christine and Dan Nieto packed their jeep with what they could. “We could see big flames and trees going down,” Christine said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but it's suspected it could be human caused, possibly a campfire.