Iraq- Soldiers Attacked

The Defense Department is releasing the names of the two American soldiers believed abducted in Iraq.

Privates Kristian Menchaca, a 23-year-old from Houston, and 25-year-old Thomas Tucker of Madras, Oregon, were last seen on Friday during an attack on a roadside checkpoint south of Baghdad.

Another solider, 25-year-old David Babineau of Springfield, Massachusetts, was killed in the attack.

An Iraqi farmer says he saw seven heavily armed gunmen capture the two soldiers.

The White House is promising to do everything it can to find the men.

The two soldiers are the first to go missing in the Iraq war since Sergeant Keith Maupin of Batavia, Ohio, was captured on April ninth, 2004.

Insurgents ambushed his fuel convoy west of Baghdad.

He has never been found.