Colorado Springs: Pit Bulls

The Colorado Springs area appears to be seeing more pit bulls since the breed was banned in Denver and Aurora.

Wes Metzler -- director of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region -- says his group received more than 1,400 pit bulls since taking over city animal-control duties on July 23rd.

That's an 80 percent increase from the 779 pit bulls taken in from July 23rd, 2002, to May 31st, 2003.

The humane society doesn't track specific breeds throughout El Paso County, so Metzler says he can't be sure the statistics show an overall pit-bull boom.

But he says pit bulls were the most likely breed to be listed on bite reports in the first quarter of 2006 at 112 times.

Metzler says he's also received calls from Aurora and Denver residents asking about moving their pets to his city.

Metzler says that of the 1,400 pit bulls arriving at the shelter since last July, 285 were adopted and 519 were euthanized.

Most of the rest were given back to owners after being brought in by animal-control officers who saw them running loose.