New Homes for Abused Horses

The Elbert County Sheriff's Office unloaded a large group of horses Sunday in an unusual auction. The animals were part of a group of 56 horses seized in February after they were found starving in a pasture.

The auction was originally supposed to take place in April, but a horse rescue where some of the animals were taken fought for custody of the horses in court, blocking the auction from taking place.

The Elbert County Sheriff's Office and the horse rescue did come to an agreement and both parties feel the horses now have good homes.

The horses were seized Feb. 18, some were starving, others had even more serious health problems. Since then, the horses were slowly nursed back to health. Of the 56 horses seized, two died, one gave birth, and two others were determined to have been stolen and returned to their rightful owners. The other 52 were sold in Sunday's auction.

For every horse purchased, they buyer had to sign a contract that they could would not be sent for slaughter, and they would be taken care of.

The original owners of the horses are scheduled to appear in court on animal cruelty charges in July.