Reservoir Boating Outlook

Saturday was a busy day at the Pueblo Reservoir. Boaters were out enjoying the sunshine, and the water. But the water level is still below normal.

But, despite the lower water level, one state park ranger says it will still be a good boating season. And he adds, the park is actually encouraged by the current water level since it is up from last summer.

Though there are some hazards, like trees, above the water, many of the ones that caused problems last year are covered again.

Right now, all the boat ramp at the lake are open, and are expected to remain open all summer.

Officials say because the ramps at Pueblo lake are some of the longest in the state, the water level doesn't affect boating there as much as at other places. They allow boaters to enter the water at almost any level.

Park officials say, even the low water levels last year didn't really affect the turnout of boaters at the lake. The park still saw its normal number of visitors, which is more than a million. They say they expect as many, if not more, this year.