Manhunt Ends

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Colorado Springs Police have managed to capture a suspect that has eluded them at least two times before.

Keith Slocum led police and federal agents on another chase Friday. He was in a car and then on foot. Before his arrest, it appears Slocum was pretty busy. Police say he bruglarized a home. Police Officers Duaine Peters says, "They have found a wig and bandana and other items. Probably where he changed his clothes."

Slocum was also driving a stolen car. It was left in the alley west of Wasatch. Where Slocum then took off on foot. An officer and an A.T.F. Agent ended up taking Slocum down in another alley after chasing him through the neighborhood where they then took him into custody.

At the time of his arrest police say Slocum was not armed. They believe he was trying to get enough money to try and get out of town.

The police say they will push for a higher bond to be set. And Slocum may face a variety of charges including burglary, grand theft auto and assaulting a police officer.