Pueblo Chain Gangs

The chain gangs are out working again in Pueblo. Inmates from the county jail are picking up trash, cleaning schoolyards, and even planting flowers.

This year it's not just men doing the work, female inmates, who are in jail on misdemeanor offenses, are also involved in the program.

The chain gang program was started last year by the Pueblo Sheriff's Department. So far, it's been a huge success, and popular with the community.

For the inmates, participating in the chain gang gives them a chance to get outside, instead of staying locked up all the time. Plus, inmates who work have a chance to have their sentences reduced.

Male and female inmates are treated a little differently while they work on the chain gangs. Some extra security precautions are taken with the men and they are chained together, unlike the women. That's because most of the men participating are in jail on felony charges like robbery, or drug possesion.

Last year inmates picked up 52 tons of trash around Pueblo.

Before they can enter the program, inmates are carefully screened. And so far, no one has attempted to escape.

The chain gangs will be working until October.