Child Death Investigation

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Relatives of two year old Ryan McClure, say they had warned the court of the man suspected in his death.

Ryan died April 19th of a brain hemmorage, after he was flown
from Pueblo to Children's Hospital in Denver. Authorities suspect the boy was shaken.

Both Ryan's mother Corey Ann Grove and her live-in boyfriend Kenneth Paul Rodriguez have been arrested on suspicion of abusing the boy. Rodriguez is charged with 1st degree murder, Grove is charged with felony child abuse.

Last year Grove pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of
child abuse involving Ryan. And Rodriguez also has a prior history of child abuse and domestic violence.

Members of the boy's extended family say they warned the court
for the past year that Ryan's life would be at risk if he was
returned to live with his mother and Rodriguez.

In February of this year, a magistrate ordered that Ryan be returned to the couple after they completed psychological evaluations, and
parenting and anger management classes.