Panel Says Ward Churchill Should be Fired

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A University of Colorado committee says the professor who called some of the World Trade Center victims "little Eichmanns" should be fired for repeated and deliberate infractions of scholarship rules.

The school's Standing Committee on Research Misconduct made the recommendation on a 6 to 3 vote in its final report, which now goes to university officials for a final decision.

Churchill is a tenured professor of ethnic studies who has said he would sue if officials tried to fire him. The committee's report asks school officials to reassure other faculty members that CU still values academic freedom.

Churchill has repeatedly denied misconduct. He says the report is "baloney." Churchill says the call for his termination is based on an illegitimate investigation.

The school's investigation focused on allegations that Churchill committed research misconduct and plagiarism. It didn't address his comments about the terrorism victims. School officials in the past have said those comments were protected under the First Amendment.