Graduate's Comments About Jesus Surprise School Officials

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The Lewis-Palmer School District asked a graduating senior to tell the parents of other graduates that it was her own idea to talk about Jesus Christ in her commencement speech last month.

Corder was the last of 15 students to speak at the Lewis-Palmer High School graduation ceremony in Monument on May 25. At the end of her remarks she urged classmates and families to learn about Jesus.

Corder says she had planned the talk for months but didn't tell school officials or the other speakers.

She didn't include her comments about Jesus when the speakers rehearsed before the principal.

School officials were worried that parents would think they sanctioned her remarks. They said that would have been a violation of the First Amendment.

Corder agreed to write an e-mail to parents acknowledging she hadn't told the school what she was going to say, but she didn't apologize for doing it.