Child Abuse Death

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Pueblo authorities are investigating the death of a toddler. Now, his mother and her boyfriend are in jail, charged in his death.

Ryan McClure, age 2, was taken to a Pueblo hospital Friday afternoon with a massive closed head injury. After being flown to Children's Hospital in Denver, the boy died.

Doctors say if the child's mother, Corey Grove, or her live in boyfriend, Kenneth Rodriquez, had called an ambulance instead of driving the boy to the hospital themselves, he may have lived.

Now, both Grove and Rodriguez are in jail. Grove is charged with felony child abuse. Rodriguez faces a first degree murder charge.

Authorities say Ryan's abuse started about a year and a half ago. They say the toddler was taken to hospital then, also with a head injury.
Grove was charged with child abuse at that time.

Rodriguez also has a prior record for domestic abuse.

After she and Rodriguez underwent counseling, Ryan was returned to them about two months ago.

Doctors say Ryan's most recent injuries, which caused his death, were consistent with violent and abusive trauma to his head. They say the injuries were not caused by a fall or a normal injury a two year old might cause himself, which is what both Grove and Rodriguez described to doctors.

An autopsy, performed Monday morning, revealed Ryan died of a massive brain hemorrage.

Corey Grove appeared in court Monday for a custody hearing involving Ryan's sister. An attorney for the father of both children was present.