Boy Rescues Dog From Burning House

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Firefighters believe lightening started a house fire Thursday afternoon that caused about $70,000 in damage. It happened near 2nd and Mitchell in Monument.

Around noon, neighbors say that's when Mother Nature struck. "I saw a flash, then there was thunder. I was scared out of my seat," Sue Temple, a neighbor said.

Shortly after flames began pouring out of the roof, Canaan Smith and his mom were dropping off a neighbor in the cul de sac. They tried to get inside the home to save the pets. "There was a small window and the dog was in the laundry room. She opened the window and took out the screen and told me to jump in," Canaan said. The 14-year-old saved the dog, but got a few bumps and bruises along the way. But when you ask Canann if he’s a hero, his humble answer, "I was just doing what was right."

As for the dog, Buddy, he is now safe and sound with Canaan's mom and waiting to go home again.

All the pets (the cats, hamster and the bird) are also okay. Firefighters say a small grass fire a mile away from the home was also caused by lightening.