Family of 3-Year-Old Talks about Terrifying Fall from Window

The family of a three-year-old boy who fell from a second story window says they feared the worst when they ran into the bedroom and saw the screen off the open window.

Nicole Flores says she was in her living room with her older daughter while her three year old twins Lilliana and Ephram were playing in the bedroom.

"My little daughter dame out 'mama, mama Ephy fell, Ephy fell,'" Flores said. "And me and my daughter looked at each other and we thought, he fell off the bed, because you know, sometimes he does that. And then I guess Lilliana said 'window' and my daughter took off running."

When they got to the bedroom they say the screen off in the open window and feared the worst.

"I thought for sure I was going to look out that window and my son was going to be dead," she said.

Miraculously, Ephram had only minor scraps and bruises after falling two stories onto the rocks below.

Ephram was jumping on a bed near the window when he fell, a nearly identical situation to one a week before where another toddler climbed onto a bed and fell through a third-story window. That toddler has a broken arm, but will be OK.

Flores said he is still processing it all.

"Just all those emotions of 'how could I have let this happen to my child? Oh my goodness, what was he thinking when he fell?' and just all these things. And you know, I couldn't help him'" she said.

She said she's learned some important lessons. The bed is being moved and she said she will put child safety locks on the window so the kids can't open it.

She said she hopes other parents can learn from what happened to her so they don't have to go through the same thing.

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A three year old boy is recovering after falling out of a second story window Saturday.

Police say the boy was jumping on a bed near the window when he fell through, pushing out the screen and landing on rocks below.

The boy's twin sister notified their mother about the accident. A neighbor heard the boy fell and also ran out to help.

The boy's family says he will be OK.

Police say the boy's parents probably will not face any charges because the incident was an accident.

The fall happened near I-25 and Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado Springs.