3 Racketeering Suspects Arrested, 11 Remain at Large

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Three women accused in connection to a criminal racketeering organization have been arrested. They are allegedly part of an organization said to have defrauded local financial institutions to the tune of $42,000.

Hannah Wilkerson, Jennifer Espinosa and Jessica Hoover were formally charged Monday afternoon.

Investigators say the group's organizers recruited people to open bank accounts in the recruit's name and deposit stolen checks. Then the recruits reportedly turned over ATM cards for those accounts to the organizers so they could withdraw the funds before the bank realized the checks were stolen.

Investigators say the organizers also laundered money through vehicle purchases.

Wilkerson, 18, is accused of theft and forgery.

Espinosa, 23, is accused of identity theft, forgery and theft.

Hoover, 19, is accused of identity theft, forgery and theft.

Each are being held on $3,000 bond. If convicted, each of the suspect faces up to a six-year sentence.