3 Lanes To Open Up In Each Direction On I-25

Project managers are hoping the new lane will improve driving time on the notoriously congested stretch of I-25 running from Woodmen to Monument.
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Construction crews are working through the early morning hours to hit a major milestone in the I-25 expansion project.

By mid-morning Thursday, the 11-mile stretch of I-25 from Woodmen to Monument will now be three lanes in both directions, instead of two.

11 News talked to drivers and asked them to use one word to describe the I-25 construction.

"Slow,” said Aaron Martinez.

"Inconvenient,” said Simone Hayes.

"It's a pain,” explained Susan Davis.

11 News also talked to CDOT about their plans to open the third lane of southbound I-25.

“That should relieve congestion in that area just because we give them a whole different lane,” said CDOT project manager Dan Hunt.

But even with the third lane open it may still be slow going during rush hour. That's because the speed limit will stay at 65 mph while crews re-pave the road over the next month.

CDOT is hoping to have the project completely finished by August 25 of this year.