MTV Stabbing-Colorado Springs

A 16-year-old boy won't be charged in the stabbing death of his mother's live-in boyfriend.

A grand jury determined the boy acted in self-defense in a dispute over the television volume that was tuned to MTV.

The boy's name is being withheld by authorities because he's a juvenile.

The teen told police he was listening to MTV as he was doing his chores.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Lin Billings says 41-year-old David Guess told the boy the TV was too loud and started hitting him, put him in a choke hold, and bit him on the neck.

Police say Guess kept the boy in a choke hold as the two moved into the kitchen.

The teen said he thought he was losing consciousness.

Billings says that's when the boy found a knife left on a counter, grabbed it and stabbed Guess.

Billings says officers noticed the teen had swollen cheeks, bruises on his forehead and red marks on his neck, which later determined to be Guess' bite.

He says an autopsy also confirmed the boy's story.

The boy's brother, who lived nearby, had called 911 immediately to report the attack on the teen, who didn't know Guess had died.