School Board Recall Campaign

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A group has launched a campaign to recall Colorado Springs School District 11 Board Members Eric Christen and Sandy Shakes.

The group, talking on the front steps of D-11 Headquarters, said it was time to "end the chaos" and bring stability back to the district. The effort came after the school board voted four to three last week to oust D-11 Superintendent Dr. Sharon Thomas.

Shakes said she was a bit surprised by the recall campaign, adding, "Boy, I never thought it was all about who likes whom. It reminds me when I taught grade school, and kids had fights out on the playground."

Recall organizer and former D-11 School Board Member Norvell Simpson said this of Christen, "[He] has created problems since he has been on the board. The lack of stability. The lack of ability to work with other board members."

Christen blames past school boards for district problems. He said, "Now that we're finally staring to do some good things in D-11, they're trying to stop us."

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorders office said the petition will need some minor changes before it can be approved. After that, the group will have 60 days to collect 15,000 signatures for each recall candidate to be on the November ballot.