Son in Law Captured

He could have information on the whereabouts of his father in law, Saddam Hussein. So says a spokesman for the Iraqi National Congress, which now has Jamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan al Tikriti in custody.

A spokesman for the umbrella group of Saddam opponents says al Tikriti and one of Saddam's bodyguards returned to Baghdad from neighboring Syria to turn themselves in.

The spokesman says al Tikriti is being questioned by intelligence officers from the armed wing of the Iraqi National Congress and will be turned over soon to the U.S. military.

Al Tikriti is married to Saddam's youngest daughter and was deputy head of the Tribal Affairs Office. He was dubbed by the U.S. military as the nine of clubs in its deck of most wanted, and ranks number 40 out of the 55 top Iraqi officials sought by the allies.

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