Wild Cat Spotted In Colorado Springs

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Is it a Bobcat or a Lynx? You be the judge. A couple of Colorado Springs residents took several snap shots of the animal.

The cat was sighted in the area of Garden of the Gods Rd and Centennial Blvd.

They say the cat was about 20 to 30 pounds which could have been a Lynx or Bobcat, but when we took the photos to the Division of Wildlife they say it's a Bobcat for sure.

Bobcats have small paws and the tip of their tail is not solid black.

Bobcats usually only creep out at night.

"That is a big cat," said John Schissel who took pictures of the cat.

They're also sneaky.

"They're very secretive, very stealthy. They can move very silently," said Michael Seraphin who is with the Division of Wildlife.

Seraphin says they eat squirrels, cats and rabbits.

"We were wondering what happened to all of our rabbits," said Schissel.

Kiana Geditz who lives at Kissing Camels says she knows all about Bobcats. "We've seen two cats," said Geditz.

She says they roam her neighborhood just like her house cat once did. "Caspian," said Geditz. Caspian is gone now. One day, she said, she just vanished. "We looked everywhere and then I knew it had to have been the Bobcat," said Geditz.

It was broad daylight when John Schissel and Lance Carter spotted the cat. "Look at that cat up in the fence," said Schissel.

The cat seemed to be posing for the camera as if it were on a catwalk.

"It looked up at me, kind of like, 'good morning', and then casually walked back into the bushes," said Carter.

That is very rare according to the Division of Wildlife. Usually Bobcats scram at the sight of humans. "It seemed very calm. It looked at me and didn't run away," said Schissel.

The D.O.W. says savor the Bobcat photos because you have a better chance of running into a bear or even a coyote.

Lynx are on the endangered species list. We do have them here in Southern Colorado. As for Bobcats, the D.O.W. says they're not usually interested in children or small dogs.

If you live in the Garden of the Gods Rd and Centennial Blvd area you may want to keep your house cats indoors to prevent it from getting attacked by a Bobcat.

Also, the D.O.W. says never approach a Bobcat as they are wild animals and could attack if they feel threatened.