Pueblo Library Controversy


Pueblo’s District Attorney has been called in to investigate the library scandal in Pueblo. The president of the library board. Glenn Ballantyne is at the center of the controversy. He’s come under fire because the library board hird his marketing firm to do it’s fundraising.

Over the last few years, Ballantyne has been paid close to $200,000 for his work. For some that’s a conflict of interest.

Pueblo County Comissioners have asked the D.A. to investigate, to see if there was any criminal wrong-doing. Gus Sandstrom says the investigation will begin next week, “Depends on what we find, but it could take as little as 10 days. If it becomes a white collar crime, it could take as long as three months trying to find out what they did.”

Ballantyne has announced that his marketing firm will no longer be paid to work for the library distrit. He plans to stay on the board.