Missing Climbers Latest

Three helicopters, including two Chinooks, are expected to continue the aerial search for a Colorado climber and her friend.

Authorities have been searching in Denali National Park and Preserve since last week for Sue Nott, of Vail and Karen McNeill, of Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Park spokeswoman Kris Fister says a helicopter crew was able to spot tracks on the 17-thousand-400-foot Mount Foraker.

They were found between 15-thousand-500-foot to 15-thousand-800-foot level.

But Fister says the tracks -- quote -- "didn't go toward the summit, they just ended."

McNeill and Nott left base camp May 12th, and began their climb of the ascent route on May 14th.

The climbers had told people at base camp that they expected to complete the route in ten days.

The search for the pair was launched Thursday night.

A helicopter crew on Sunday spotted a yellow bag, black fleece hat and pink nylon jacket in the area where a ripped backpack, radio and sleeping bag were found Friday.

Park officials said the items seen Sunday were likely initially hidden under snow after falling from the torn pack, which is believed to have belonged to Nott.

Fister said no new items were seen during Monday's flights.