Medical Miracle

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It's the moment Cindy Arndt has been waiting for as she sits outside her Colorado Springs hotel.

Last December, her long time partner Bob Thomas suddenly died and she donated his organs. Now, Cindy and Bob's mom, Pat are meeting two friends from New York who each received one of Bob's kidneys. Their reunion is a tearful one as everyone hugs for the first time.

In their first trip since their transplants, Fred D'Amico and Izya Dukorsky give the women gifts of thanks, lockets with Bob's picture.

These friends both got kidneys the same night from the same donor. When they both showed up at the hospital, they thought it must be a mistake, but it was really a medical miracle. "What's the mathematical odds of something like this in history?" Fred said.

Fred and Izya became friends during kidney dialysis. Besides that, the two men have little in common. But when you meet them, it seems as though they’ve known each other for years. They finish each other’s sentences. "After the surgery, I said, ‘hello, my brother,’" Izya said.

Cindy said, "Bob's organs saved 2 lives. It cleared a dark day in my life."

Two friends. Two kidneys. One amazing gift. A miracle of sorts that one man, even after he died, started a new family.

For the next 4 days, they will all be getting acquainted. Another interesting point to the story: Bob didn't know he was going to die, yet 3 weeks before he passed away, he told Cindy about his wishes to donate his organs.