Local Vets React To Rumsfeld's Vietnam Trip

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Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is visiting Vietnam in an effort to boost ties with the country. He's also meeting with a U.S. team over there that is investigating the whereabouts of nearly 2,000 missing service members, who never returned home from the Vietnam War.

Local vets say the secretary’s visit is a good idea. They say their war is a forgotton one and they hope this inspires more effort to bring MIA’s home. The war has been over for 33 years now and this is the little piece of hope Vietnam Vets have been waiting for. “We need to know where these people are for the family’s sake and for ours,” Veteran Don Smith said.

Secretary Rumsfeld’s visit and the hope of finding missing service members could be the beginning of the end of decades of pain. “To find the rest of them… It would be the happiest thing. Vietnam would finally be over,” Veteran Phil Garcia said.

The Department of Defense says more than 88,000 Americans are still missing in action from all the conflicts.