ID Theft Affects Active Duty Military

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The Veterans Administration now says not only was personal information on veterans stolen but on active duty members as well.

Veterans groups are criticizing the Veterans Administration for not coming clean earlier on how widespread a recent theft of personal data may be.

The VA said Saturday that personal data on up to 50,000 active-duty Navy and National Guard personnel were among those stolen from a Veterans Affairs employee last month. The disclosure goes beyond what the V-A initially reported earlier, when it said the theft was only thought to include information on veterans.

American Legion spokeswoman Ramona Joyce says active duty and Guard personnel "have enough to worry about with the war on terror."

VA Secretary Jim Nicholson says a complete and thorough investigation into the incident continues and those efforts are providing additional details.

Veterans groups say there should not have been a three-week delay in publicizing the burglary at the data analyst's home.