Tax Amnesty

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While most people know about Tuesday's tax deadline, they may not have heard about the state's tax amnesty program. It's a one-time offer.

The last time the state made this kind of offer was back in 1985. Now, 18 years later, individuals and businesses can file and pay back taxes, for less.

You'll find a long line at the local IRS office, as folks scramble to file their 2002 income taxes.

The paperwork due Tuesday has nothing to do with Colorado's tax amnesty program, but the state revenue department's using the deadline to get your attention.

They're looking for those who owe the state money, for a variety of Colorado taxes, giving them a chance to pay in June, erasing the penalty and deducting half the interest.

So if you know you owe the state money, and haven't been billed yet, you could save yourself the grief by addressing the issue now.

KKTV 11 News was told Colorado's mailing out 70,000 letters to those, they believe are affected.

The state is hoping the program will net at least $5 million, which will be put in the general fund.

When amnesty was offered back in '85, Colorado collected $6 million.