Deputy Involved Shooting Leaves Teller County Man Dead

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Authorities in Teller County are investigating a deputy involved shooting that left one man dead.

It happened between Cripple Creek and Florissant at a home on Cherokee Circle.

168 Cherokee Circle is an isolated home deep in Teller County and Thursday, the scene of something authorities here thought they'd never see.

“To my knowledge looking at the background it's never happened in Teller County,” said sheriff Kevin Dougherty.

Dougherty said it started with a phone call just before noon, when deputies got a call about a man with a gun at the house. The homeowner’s wife called deputies who found a man in his late sixties carrying a shotgun when they arrived.

The end results were tragic.

“You're prepared to get involved but it's something you never look forward to. It's a tough thing to get through,” said Dougherty.

Exactly what led deputies to make their final call is still in question as investigators with the D-A's office and CBI piece together the events with the goal of determining what happened and why it ended in tragedy.

Authorities haven’t released the name of the man who was killed.

Property records show the home belongs to Jack and Sandra Jones of Teller County.

The deputies involved won't go back on shift for at least the rest of the week, and the investigation should go on for another few days.