Injured Navy Corpsman Returns Home

Navy Corpsman Scot Reid has been on the front lines in Iraq since early February. Before being deployed he was stationed at the air force academy. During instense fighting in Nasiriyah, Reid risked his own life to evacuate injured marines. In the process of helping others, he too was hurt.

But now, the wait is over. Navy Corpsman Scot Reid is home, with his armin a lsing. But he’s alive, and with his wife and two kids, “It’s the best feeling in the world, I can’t describe it, and unless you’ve been there and had a chance to come back.”

Scot says Iraq was an eye opening experience. During a medical evacutation near Nasariyah he tore his rotator cuff and hurt his wrist. “There was an explosion behind us, I got knocked forward and was trying not to drop the marine I was carrying and I injured my wrist and shoulder,” Reid says.

But his injuries didn’t stop him. Reid says he had a job to do, so he kept helping the injured marines for another 24 hours before he saw a doctor himself. And now because of his injuries he’s back home.

Reid says there is a high moral with the troops. He says they’re very supportive of each other and believe 100 percent in their mission to help the Iraqi people.