Secretary Rumsfeld Visits NORTHCOM

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After graduation, Secretary Donald Rumsfeld headed over US Northern Command to meet with homeland defense leaders.

In a news conference Wednesday afternoon, the secretary talked about the war on terror. He believes there is progress in Iraq despite the continued insurgent attacks. "We've been as high was 160,000 troops in Iraq and now down to 131,000 troops in Iraq," Sec. Rumsfeld said.

Eventually, the secretary says, U.S. troops will be pulled out of the country when there are signs of a stable Iraq. But, he couldn't say when that would happen since insurgent attacks continue to take a toll. "It (the terrorist attacks) will be ended not by U.S. military. It will be ended by Iraqi Security Forces and Iraqi people getting fed up with it, grab a hold of socks and run their country and make it a success."

Secretary Rumsfeld believes Iraq will be a success story and says it's all because of those in uniform, including our local troops who continue to sacrifice. "Thank you for volunteering to serve our country, we appreciate it. Our folks do a superb job over there and our country in debted."

Secretary Rumsfeld dodged rumors of resigning. This is the second time the secretary visited NORTHCOM in the 4 years it's been here.