Canon City Teacher Appears in Court

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The Canon City teacher accused of sexually assaulting underage boys made her first appearance in Fremont County Court Wednesday afternoon. Police say they found evidence including notes and pornography in 33-year-old Jennie Overstreet's home that led to her arrest. In court, Overstreet looked directly at her parents and smiled as her attorney waved advisement in a case riddled with hefty allegations. According to a police affidavit, Overstreet gave marijuana and alcohol to several young teenage boys she met as a teacher at Lincoln Elementary school. Police also say she sexually assaulted some of the boys, one of whom reported she had sex with him.
Overstreet's attorney Michael Gillick claims his client is being falsely accused by kids who may have problems of their own.
"Some of them (the accusers) may be very streetwise, some may have some serious family problems," said Gillick. "We've got an innocent lady, wrongly accused, a school teacher, it's easy for law enforcement to jump on that because these are sensational accusations."
According to the affidavit, the inappropriate behavior took place at Overstreet's house where she allegedly had sleepovers, showed the boy's pornography and spent time with them inside her locked bedroom-- activity Overstreet told police never happened. Overstreet did admit to investigators that she had a big heart and cared a lot about children-- sometimes too much. She said she'd recently told her students they could no longer come to her house. She also admitted to having a drinking problem but when investigators asked her if she was a predator, she said no. The affidavit goes on to say Overstreet purchased hundreds of dollars worth of expensive gifts for the boys, behavior Gillick says was only an example of Overstreet's giving nature. Overstreet is being held on $50,000 bond. If she is released, Overstreet has been ordered not to have contact with anyone under 18-years-old. Overstreet's next court date is set for June 7th when she'll be formally charged. In the meantime Overstreet has been suspended from her teaching job.