Lawyer Recalls 2002 Shooting

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John Ciccolella says it was luck or divine providence that saved his life on January 23, 2002.

Ciccolella was shot in the face, while sitting in his office at the Courtside Plaza at 405 S. Cascade Avenue in Colorado Springs. His 16-year-old son was at the office when the shooting happened, calling 911 with an ambulance just a block and a half away.

The shooter was outside of the office. The bullet went through a window. Ciccolella said, "I felt like I had been hit with electricity. A lightning bolt...It was so powerful, that I knew it had stopped my heart, and that I was going to die."

In fact, his heart didn't stop. He said he never lost consciousness until he went into surgery. He lost sight in his right eye, and got a prosthesis later.

This event, he added, changed his life, for the better. He said, "When you know you're going to die, the next day when you're alive, you're a lot different."

Police have not made any arrests, but Ciccolella said he knows who shot him. He said it is the same man who shot at his wife, and a judge months earlier, but he knows there isn't enough evidence to prosecute.

"Do I ever think the man will be arrested? I've given up hope on that, and that was good for me to do."

If you have information about this case, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs or 542-STOP in Pueblo. Your anonymous tip could earn you up to $1,000 cash.