Suspects Admit Guilt In Court Documents

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A new development in the case of a burning body found at Garden of the Gods. Newly released court documents say two people admitted to taking part in the murder of Dustin Cisneros.

23-year-old Morticia Madrid is charged as an accessory. Police say her boyfriend, an un-identified 17 year-old faces first degree murder for allegedly shooting Cisneros in the head and then setting his body on fire at Garden of the Gods in a pick-up truck. According to this affidavit, Madrid admits she was stole the pick-up truck.

It goes on to say that her 17-year-old boyfriend admittedly shot Cisneros after an argument. "It's got to be a gang..." Terry Hooper, Cisneros’ counselor said. He worked with Cisneros a few months back when he was doing community service at a ranch for stealing a car. Hooper said he was living on the street, but was trying to build a new life. "You can't save them all and boy, it hurts when you lose one."

Hooper is saddened that Cisneros’ life was cut short last Saturday. He says Cisneros never got his second chance.

Police aren't releasing too many details on the teen suspect, who they say actually shot Cisneros. They can't even release his name since he's a minor.