Plummer Road Rage

A man who says Jake Plummer kicked the headlight of his pickup and backed into it in a road rage incident last month says he didn't recognize the Denver Broncos quarterback.

Denver resident Douglas Stone tells The Associated Press he thought he was "some 19- or 20-year-old kid driving a car that his dad gave him, and maybe he needed to be talked to by his dad."

According to a police report, witnesses say a man later identified as Plummer got out of a Honda element at the stoplight and said something to Stone.

Plummer denied saying anything to Stone.

The report says the driver then returned to the Honda, backed into the pickup and left when the light changed.

Plummer insists he's NOT a hothead and denies backing into Stone's vehicle.

Police have issued Plummer a summons for a misdemeanor city violation of "injure or destroy property," similar to criminal mischief under state law.

The summons orders him to appear at Englewood's Violations Bureau between June 2nd and June 15th.