Mother Bear & Cubs Visit Manitou Springs Neighborhood

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Some unexpected guests have been making their way through neighborhoods. A family of bears was caught in the act, looking for food in Manitou Springs.

"It was on my porch trying to get the hummingbird feeder. I got the camera and the telephoto lense, but I didn't need it since the bear was right here on the driveway," said Robin Wilson.

Robin and his wife, Nicole, got snap shots of a mama bear and her two cubs. They visited their Manitou Springs home twice in one week.

"I was within 1/2 inch of it. The cub was cuddling at my feet. It was a little strange," laughed Nicole. She said she's worried that the bears seemed totally unafraid of humans.

There's been more and more bear sightings in various parts of El Paso County. Bears are stocking up on food, getting ready for hibernation. The Division of Wildlife said we can expect to see more and more of them until they hibernate in mid-November.

The Division of Wildlife also said bears are starting to sleep less right now. In fact, by the end of October, bears will stay awake 20 hours a day, looking for food.

“It's unusual. It’s not my normal day. I look out my front door and see a bear on the porch," said Nicole Wilson.

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