Protecting Your Home

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“It was scary. You see smoke, but you don't know where fire is." Trey Gwaltney still can't believe the fire got within yards of his home. As soon as he saw the flames, he grabbed his camera and shot home video of his neighbors with garden hoses. "I wanted to show my girlfriend back in New Hampshire that it was a real situation, that I was not making it up."

His family was mostly worried about their wooden deck that attaches to their home. Gwaltney’s home is one of the 35,000 houses in the Springs that sit close to forested areas.

Cathy Prudhomme with the fire department says mitigation or extreme gardening is key. "In the city, I never want people to cut more than 10 feet around their homes. If you have vegetation around the deck, remove it."

After watching this fire spread right in his own backyard, Gwaltney knows what his family will be doing this weekend.

If you want to see if your home is at risk or if you want tips on how to keep your home safe, click on the fire watch tab on our homepage.