Telmosse Dies at 64

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A lot of people feel they've lost a good friend.

Say the name Bob Telmosse to almost anyone in Colorado Springs, and their eyes light up in recognition.

"Well, he's the guy for the donations for the Christmas giveaway toy giveaway.

Whether it's someone he helped with a toy or Christmas dinner....

"We just don't have the money,” said Sharon Sheridan of Colorado Springs. ”And if it wasn't for him, we just wouldn't have Christmas."

Or those he touched with his generous spirit.

"He went above and beyond. He did what everybody else didn't: he gave. He gave back," said Felix Abeyta.

For years he sold furniture to local customers, but as the story goes, 23 years ago, a prank in the newspaper led people to believe he had meals to give at Thanksgiving.
But bob made good anyway, and a tradition was born, no questions asked.

"We're not the judges here. We just give away the food, clothing toys and gifts and that's what it's all about," said Telmosse in 1998.

Even as terminal disease did its terrible work on his body, Telmosse continued to keep his word to thousands in his final years, with help from friends like Terry Hooper.

"When I first met him we were raising money for kids,” said Hooper. “When he died we were raising money for kids, and that's just what he is. What he lived for."

And Bob's reliability is what Terry will miss the most. It's what made Bob Telmosse a friend to him, and an entire community.

Terry says the annual giveaway will go on in Bob's name.

Telmosse leaves behind two brothers and sisters, two kids and six grand kids. There are plans in the works to make Colorado Springs his final resting-place.