No Tornado?

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The National Weather Service is looking into the
severe weather that ripped through the Ellicott area
in Eastern El Paso County Monday afternoon.

Meteorologist Bill Fortune spent most of Tuesday in the
Ellicott area, surveying damage to the homes and
buildings along Ellicott Highway. After looking at
the damage, he says he thinks it was high winds,
called straight line winds, not a tornado that caused
the damage. He says because debris was spread out in
one direction from the damaged building, it appears
that straight line winds ripped apart the buildings.

“All the damage appears to be to weaker structures
with openings to the South,” said Fortune, “We know
the storm developed to the South and moved this

He says the winds pushed into structures with doors or
weakness to the south, and pushed the top and walls

A preliminary report about the storm should be
released by the National Weather Service Wednesday