Pueblo Officer Arrested

The Pueblo Police Department says one of its officers was arrested while on duty on allegations of drunk driving and domestic violence.

Sergeant Richard Van Zandt says in a court document that 36-year-old Garrett Scott Ortiz was arrested early Sunday after police were called to his home on a domestic-violence complaint and found him in uniform next to his patrol car with the smell of alcohol on his breath.

Van Zandt says Ortiz's blood-alcohol content later was measured above the legal limit to drive.

Carmen Romero, who lives with Ortiz, told Van Zandt that the couple went drinking Saturday evening.

She says when they got home Ortiz was asked if he wanted to earn overtime by working the graveyard shift.

The affidavit says Romero told him not to, but Ortiz insisted on working the shift.

Romero says Ortiz later returned, then she found a three-inch slit in one of her car tires.