Homes Damaged by Spring Storms

It is hard to explain how a storm picks its target.

“The tornado lifted our lean-to out it went over the field,” said a bewildered Rey Young of Ellicott.

Or why it tore the roof off a garage and left the trailer beside it untouched.

“God works in mysterious ways,” suggested Rey’s husband Russell.

What is certain is residents on the Ellicott highway bore the brunt of it.

“It started in, and I said here comes the wind,” said Connie Beatty. “And bam, we got hit.”

Connie and her husband Red have a good view of their neighbor’s garage, but now they have a better one: part of it is sitting in their front yard.

“Everything just come through at a horrid pace and just tore everything up,” said Red.

One only had to follow the sirens north to Steve Waltz's place to find worse conditions. Nearly every roof on his property got some kind of damage, not to mention his daughter’s car and the top of the garage.

But his most valued possessions stayed safe inside.

“Stuff can be fixed,” said Waltz. “We're glad no one's hurt.”

And hours later the recovery got underway as friends helped friends patch holes in outer walls, while those like Steve Waltz can only wonder what comes next.

“You got to start by cleaning up, and it'll be a chore.”