Talking With the Mayor-Elect

Colorado Springs Mayor-Elect Lionel Rivera is now in a unique position. A very conservative mayor, with a mostly conservative group of council members. That could help push his agenda.

Rivera hopes to do away with 2004 same sex health benefits for city workers. He says, same sex couples are not recognized by as being married by the federal government, so it's not the city's role to extend benefits.

Rivera is also hoping to attract new air carriers, namely, Southwest
Airlines, to the Colorado Springs airport.

He says, in order to do that, access to the airport needs to be improved. "Right now Drennan Road is a two lane road between Powers and Hancock. That needs to be 4 lanes and the direct connection to Powers to I-25."

Rivera also plans to work with Pueblo city leaders, to bring more water to the Colorado Springs area.

He and the six new council members will be sworn in on April 15.